Friday, February 17, 2012

starts and finishes

This week I have been ... working in the studio. Going threw totes and drawers and shelves of fabric trying to use some of it to complete a couple of projects around the house. I found this old hamper at a local thrift store and decided to make a liner for it!  vintage barkcloth and vintage hand crochet lace two of my favorite things!
 My yarn and needles arrived on Monday so I got a good start on this  little number I'm so excited about this one. Im thinking about making a couple of modifications to the pattorn.
 I've also been taking some time to just sit and enjoy the quiet of winter.  This is a hard one for me,  I mean no TV no movies nothing and no one there to entertain me.  I have gotten so used to making someone/thing else responsible for my entertainment with no participation  from me. So this week for a couple of nights its  just me and  a knitting project  or a book. It feels good to unplug for a while.
 another studio fabric use up.  This I made for my daughter, a dust cover for her very nicest dress and a pouch for her dress shoes.
 also been trying to focus on eating as much whole foods as I can.  Lots and lots of veg. and I'm even working on my bread making skills using this book  every loaf gets a little bit better.

enjoying the late afternoon sun as it slips away for another long evening.
and I finished up with my desert vest.

I like to be able to look back at a week and see that things have been accomplished. I like this space to remind myself that I did get things done and that I am making my home/life for me and those that I love.
This is what is important to me and it's a good feeling to be able to see and say that yes I am living my dream.
 I feel like to richest person in the world and so totally blessed to be able to do this.
How about you are you living your dream in some way? I hope so

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