Friday, February 17, 2012

starts and finishes

This week I have been ... working in the studio. Going threw totes and drawers and shelves of fabric trying to use some of it to complete a couple of projects around the house. I found this old hamper at a local thrift store and decided to make a liner for it!  vintage barkcloth and vintage hand crochet lace two of my favorite things!
 My yarn and needles arrived on Monday so I got a good start on this  little number I'm so excited about this one. Im thinking about making a couple of modifications to the pattorn.
 I've also been taking some time to just sit and enjoy the quiet of winter.  This is a hard one for me,  I mean no TV no movies nothing and no one there to entertain me.  I have gotten so used to making someone/thing else responsible for my entertainment with no participation  from me. So this week for a couple of nights its  just me and  a knitting project  or a book. It feels good to unplug for a while.
 another studio fabric use up.  This I made for my daughter, a dust cover for her very nicest dress and a pouch for her dress shoes.
 also been trying to focus on eating as much whole foods as I can.  Lots and lots of veg. and I'm even working on my bread making skills using this book  every loaf gets a little bit better.

enjoying the late afternoon sun as it slips away for another long evening.
and I finished up with my desert vest.

I like to be able to look back at a week and see that things have been accomplished. I like this space to remind myself that I did get things done and that I am making my home/life for me and those that I love.
This is what is important to me and it's a good feeling to be able to see and say that yes I am living my dream.
 I feel like to richest person in the world and so totally blessed to be able to do this.
How about you are you living your dream in some way? I hope so

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Room Of His Own

 this is a very very very delayed post on the room that I redid for my Grandson this summer.   One that I'm pretty proud of.  The room was my son's before he moved out and he is responsible for the great paint job.  I thought he did such a great job that I decided to just work with the colors Brown and blue  perfect for a little boy right?
 I did very little in the way of spending money on anything new  most everything was just re-purposed.
The only new things were the crib the wall words and the fabric for the quilt.  everything else I had ... this slip covered chair with footstool has been in just about every room in my house  I love white slipcovers they go anywhere and when they get dirty I can BLEACH if I need to.
 This dresser has also been in a few different rooms. I did repaint it and added some different hardware that we had out in the garage
 This is a picture of the little man himself! it was a gift from my sister-in-law she is great with the camera
 Wall Words, I think I paid maybe 10.00 for this set. love the saying
and finally the little quilt that I put together.  I'm not a quilter but I think it turned out pretty well.
So there it is finally I got this one posted.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finished, Finishing and Waiting

 Finished with this sweater,  that I Love!  this is the sweater that I wear around the house 99% of the time.  Its called London Bridges Cardigan and was my first project with a cable stitch in it. More details  here

 Finishing With this little project hopefully today ... my desert vest.  A project that I was inspired to do and have done by March 14th when we leave for our trip to the desert to visit with family!

And finally I am waiting for this yarn to arrive in the mail.   I ordered it yesterday to start this project! this will be my desert sweater,  a new goal! hopefully I will be able to get this finished for our trip, if not it will be a good project for the plain trip

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Gift

 Christmas for me is a time to give something special to the ones I love and  that means that they get at least one hand made item from me.  That can be a little tricky when it comes to making something for hubby!
This year however I think I did good. I saw this idea on Pintrest 
 I had my kids help me with getting the template made and cutting out the wood and the rest was just attaching saved corks some with special occasions and dates on them others were just great looking corks  with lots and  lots of glue!
and there you have it! and yes he liked it.

Friday, February 3, 2012

I Helped out my Daughter with a little redecorating of her apartment this past weekend. It all started with an extra chair in the workshop that needed a home! here is the chair before its make over ( footstool yet to be done)
 and here is the apartment before the redo .... just the basics a comfy couch and lamp
 A TV stand and some of her personal art work ( she does great stuff on canvas!)
 and here are the after pictures.  The chair with its new look and a freshly painted book shelf ( she already had the bookshelf but it was in need of some new color)  love the blue

 a cute little side table for lamp and candles  oh and a bowl of lighters .... don't ask me why
 we also figured a way to hang the ukulele

 Yup there is that bowl of lighters

  A nice bright blue bookcase and new(old) artwork on the wall

 And some fun wall decals for the kitchen 
it was a whoot!!!