Friday, May 28, 2010

Fund Raising for a Daughter in Need

Looking for a good home!
Well it's been a busy week with working in the shop and getting the yard in shape for this summer and when all was going according to plan , I got a call from a frantic daughter " Mom my apartment building is on fire!" so long story short I have a daughter with out a home of her own. I'm looking for way to get her back on her feet Please take a moment to visit my other blog for the details
Basically I'm trying to raise some money for her by selling some of my totes via my blog.
In the mean time this is what I've been working on with my nervous hands .... almost finished

Have a great weekend

Monday, May 17, 2010

Finished ~ part one

Finally I'm finished with the part of my kitchen redo and I love love love it I'm so happy with the way the the cupboards and curtains turned out, new curtain rod and match stick blinds

But most of all ... I'm in love with my new ( old ) table. This table was given to me in trade for some slipcover work that I did for a friend but it was in it original garage sale condition, not very pretty until My friends Claire and Shannon from the ThehogShed Transformed it into the beautiful show piece!

They started by painting the legs and apron in the same color as my trim and cupboards then they stained and sealed the top of the table to match my hardwood flooring I LOVE IT

Soo Pretty I'm so lucky to have such talented Friends!!

this is the other side of my island thingie with its new painted cupboards and a long awaited new dishwasher

and my new favorite picture that sweet hubby bought for my while we were away celebrating out 23rd anniversary.

Its works perfectly with the new look
Now on to the rest of the kitchen.
Thanks for stopping have a great week

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Working on my Home for Spring

Well, here are a couple of before picture of my spring projects I am in the proses of redoing the dinning room right now and I will be carrying this project into the kitchen thought the summer
with the biggest project that I've tackled in a long time I'm painting my kitchen cupboards!!!

Yup I'm finally doing it. I've wanted to do this since we moved in 7 years ago but I know how big a project it was going to be. I thought that with the cost of the new hardware that I wanted that I just couldn't justify changing out perfectly good although VERY UGLY hardware. But thanks to blog land and great blogger that give out resources
I was able to find affordable hardware and I will be sharing my after photo's and resources with in the next week or two

I'm really looking forward to a nice new kitchen, I will be painting the kitchen in sections because of the size of the project there is just no way that I could do it all at once and keep a functioning home. So sections it will be.

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