Sunday, May 2, 2010

Working on my Home for Spring

Well, here are a couple of before picture of my spring projects I am in the proses of redoing the dinning room right now and I will be carrying this project into the kitchen thought the summer
with the biggest project that I've tackled in a long time I'm painting my kitchen cupboards!!!

Yup I'm finally doing it. I've wanted to do this since we moved in 7 years ago but I know how big a project it was going to be. I thought that with the cost of the new hardware that I wanted that I just couldn't justify changing out perfectly good although VERY UGLY hardware. But thanks to blog land and great blogger that give out resources
I was able to find affordable hardware and I will be sharing my after photo's and resources with in the next week or two

I'm really looking forward to a nice new kitchen, I will be painting the kitchen in sections because of the size of the project there is just no way that I could do it all at once and keep a functioning home. So sections it will be.

Thanks for stopping

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Cathy said...

You are so brave! I can't wait to see the finished project! Looks like you are going to be very busy;)!

Good luck!