Friday, May 28, 2010

Fund Raising for a Daughter in Need

Looking for a good home!
Well it's been a busy week with working in the shop and getting the yard in shape for this summer and when all was going according to plan , I got a call from a frantic daughter " Mom my apartment building is on fire!" so long story short I have a daughter with out a home of her own. I'm looking for way to get her back on her feet Please take a moment to visit my other blog for the details
Basically I'm trying to raise some money for her by selling some of my totes via my blog.
In the mean time this is what I've been working on with my nervous hands .... almost finished

Have a great weekend

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Anonymous said...

Very cute, Cyndi. I love it. How do you do the flower. You will have to show me when I come out in July!