Thursday, July 29, 2010

In the Garden

Lots and lots of time in the garden lately beautiful produce that we are getting and soooo tasty
lots of canning. I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying this proses.

Here is a picture of HALF of the garden.

and oh yeah some Beet's, yup Beets that I canned a few weeks back they where white on the inside with red rings throughout.

now I'm off to do some more canning

Monday, July 26, 2010

Finished... for the most part

Well there you have it. I am calling it finished for now because I need to move onto other projects mainly, work! I am happy with how it all came out. I really love the bedding and the color scheme, it is a very calming room to be in.
I even had a visitor this weekend ~ my father-in-law who said he slept perfectly.

One of the main things that I am waiting for is the Art work that goes above the bed so for now I have simple wreath of hydrangea's

Notice no headboard well I didn't get that done. I think that I will save that project for fall.
Along with the chair and I may paint the window wall at that time also but for now I'm happy with The Room

Final Talley
Bed 25.00 Memory Foam topper 50.00
Bedding 139.00
Headboard - not yet put together 40.00
Window Treatments 53.95
Curtain rod 4.49
Lamps 50.00
2 Side tables 19.00
Art Work 15.00
Chair 13.00 Not yet Slipcovered
Pint for light fixture 3.97
Total 347.81

Friday, July 23, 2010

slowly its getting done

Lamps have been purchased and end tables have been painted. I found these two lamps on clearance for 25.00 each they came with the shades them bedding has been altered I found this set at an antique shop for 39.00. It came with to standered sized pillow shams and the bedspread (queen sized) the color was perfect but I needed euro shams so I ripped out the seam that created the flange and that added an extra 4" to the size of the sham.

My ceiling fan has been re re painted in an almond spray paint

Pillows have been re ticked and re stuffed with feathers and fresh lavender buds... they smell so good.

I'm getting there.

Have a great weekend

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Painting and Shopping

A whole day of Painting Starting with taking everything apart Cleaning with acetone priming and painting with a brushed nickel

all for this, a plastic and fake looking brushed nickel finish! soooo we move on to plan B. Results in a couple of days.
On a lighter note I got some more shopping done. Curtain panels from Target 53.95 for all 5 panels

Solid white for the outside and sheer for the inside. I wanted quite a bit of curtain but I did not want to completely block the view.

This cute table was purchased a couple of weeks ago at my local thrift shop for 4.00 I love it!
It will be one of the night stands, but I needed another one to somewhat match .......

After looking around here at all the thrift and Antique shops and coming up with nothing
I headed up to St Cloud yesterday with DD#2 and we found this at a thrift shop for 14.99 not quite the bargain I was looking for but it was similar in size and Scale They will both be painted white. by the way these are both old sewing tables how perfectly they will fit in my home.

and my find of the day at the same thrift shop, this Chair!!! I love the shape I wanted something that I could reupholster as apposed to slipcover because the accent fabric that I have chosen did not come from the bargain bin

That's it on the chair

There it is with the other fabrics I'm thinking that this fabric will be used for the chair and lampshades but you know how that goes, we will just have to see how it all comes together.

and finally I shopped the house and came up with these thing so far.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Newest Project

This is my new and current project. Its our guest room. Although its been semi finished once before I have never been happy with it so I am redoing it with great inspiration to fuel me ( picture at the bottom of the page) I of course have a budget and a time frame my budget is 500.00 which includes a bed and all the bedding. I donated the other bed to DD#2 when she lost hers in the fire. My time frame is 3 weeks, the goal is to have it done by the time my mom gets here.

I have already started some of the shopping, online in thrift and antique stores and of course in in the house too. .

this is today's project I will be painting the lovely gold a brushed nickel

One of the few things that will be staying as is is the dresser.

This is my inspiration room I love the color scheme because its going to work with the carpet that I cannot afford to replace. Found it here

My list of things to purchace
*Bedding 119.00
*Window Treatments 53.95
*Curtain Rod 4.49
* Lamps
*2 Side Tables 4.00 and 14.99
*Art work
* Chair 12.99
*paint for light fixture 2.97
To Date 184.41 spent.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Part 2 ~ Finished

well here they are all finished and I am really liking them all painted white with new brushed nickel hardware

Yes I still have lots left to do before it's all said and done. No more painting in the kitchen til next month though Its just getting to hot and sticky to be painting anything else right now.

so I will be happy with a partially with kitchen for now

oh and while I was cruising the thrift shop this weekend I found this cute wicker pet bed for 3.00 so I snagged it!
I've always wanted one of these

for now I have Hanna's old cushion in it I will need to make a new one.

JT wanted to wish everyone a Happy Summer
Have a great week

Thursday, July 1, 2010

While Waiting for Paint to Dry

In between coats of paint I am getting other project done around the house, and this is one of them I finally got the other panels done and up in the living room I was going to wait til fall to put them up but I changed my mind ( I do that alot )
I'm liking them

Meanwhile I am making progress in the Kitchen I think I will be able to put it back together today.

More pictures tomorrow ....I hope