Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Newest Project

This is my new and current project. Its our guest room. Although its been semi finished once before I have never been happy with it so I am redoing it with great inspiration to fuel me ( picture at the bottom of the page) I of course have a budget and a time frame my budget is 500.00 which includes a bed and all the bedding. I donated the other bed to DD#2 when she lost hers in the fire. My time frame is 3 weeks, the goal is to have it done by the time my mom gets here.

I have already started some of the shopping, online in thrift and antique stores and of course in in the house too. .

this is today's project I will be painting the lovely gold a brushed nickel

One of the few things that will be staying as is is the dresser.

This is my inspiration room I love the color scheme because its going to work with the carpet that I cannot afford to replace. Found it here

My list of things to purchace
*Bedding 119.00
*Window Treatments 53.95
*Curtain Rod 4.49
* Lamps
*2 Side Tables 4.00 and 14.99
*Art work
* Chair 12.99
*paint for light fixture 2.97
To Date 184.41 spent.

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