Thursday, July 8, 2010

Painting and Shopping

A whole day of Painting Starting with taking everything apart Cleaning with acetone priming and painting with a brushed nickel

all for this, a plastic and fake looking brushed nickel finish! soooo we move on to plan B. Results in a couple of days.
On a lighter note I got some more shopping done. Curtain panels from Target 53.95 for all 5 panels

Solid white for the outside and sheer for the inside. I wanted quite a bit of curtain but I did not want to completely block the view.

This cute table was purchased a couple of weeks ago at my local thrift shop for 4.00 I love it!
It will be one of the night stands, but I needed another one to somewhat match .......

After looking around here at all the thrift and Antique shops and coming up with nothing
I headed up to St Cloud yesterday with DD#2 and we found this at a thrift shop for 14.99 not quite the bargain I was looking for but it was similar in size and Scale They will both be painted white. by the way these are both old sewing tables how perfectly they will fit in my home.

and my find of the day at the same thrift shop, this Chair!!! I love the shape I wanted something that I could reupholster as apposed to slipcover because the accent fabric that I have chosen did not come from the bargain bin

That's it on the chair

There it is with the other fabrics I'm thinking that this fabric will be used for the chair and lampshades but you know how that goes, we will just have to see how it all comes together.

and finally I shopped the house and came up with these thing so far.

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Deanna said...

All these projects Cyndi and I always thought your house was so perfect as it was! You need to come live with me for about 6 months and do some sprucing up around here! haha! I've lost all motivation to do anything new in my home. Your kitchen re-do is simply fab! How bright and cheery.