Monday, July 26, 2010

Finished... for the most part

Well there you have it. I am calling it finished for now because I need to move onto other projects mainly, work! I am happy with how it all came out. I really love the bedding and the color scheme, it is a very calming room to be in.
I even had a visitor this weekend ~ my father-in-law who said he slept perfectly.

One of the main things that I am waiting for is the Art work that goes above the bed so for now I have simple wreath of hydrangea's

Notice no headboard well I didn't get that done. I think that I will save that project for fall.
Along with the chair and I may paint the window wall at that time also but for now I'm happy with The Room

Final Talley
Bed 25.00 Memory Foam topper 50.00
Bedding 139.00
Headboard - not yet put together 40.00
Window Treatments 53.95
Curtain rod 4.49
Lamps 50.00
2 Side tables 19.00
Art Work 15.00
Chair 13.00 Not yet Slipcovered
Pint for light fixture 3.97
Total 347.81

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