Friday, February 3, 2012

I Helped out my Daughter with a little redecorating of her apartment this past weekend. It all started with an extra chair in the workshop that needed a home! here is the chair before its make over ( footstool yet to be done)
 and here is the apartment before the redo .... just the basics a comfy couch and lamp
 A TV stand and some of her personal art work ( she does great stuff on canvas!)
 and here are the after pictures.  The chair with its new look and a freshly painted book shelf ( she already had the bookshelf but it was in need of some new color)  love the blue

 a cute little side table for lamp and candles  oh and a bowl of lighters .... don't ask me why
 we also figured a way to hang the ukulele

 Yup there is that bowl of lighters

  A nice bright blue bookcase and new(old) artwork on the wall

 And some fun wall decals for the kitchen 
it was a whoot!!!

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