Friday, March 2, 2012


 Lots of evening knitting lately.  I have been working on this sweater and having a great time seeing it grow, I love the color, I love the pattern and I love the thought of wearing it and maybe just maybe having someone say "oh what a pretty sweater where did you get it"  and then I can say oh well thank you I made it. ahhh to say it out loud. I love that part,  Mostly because a couple of years ago I could not have said that.
  Here is the little knitting bag/stand that I have been using to house this project. I picked it up at the thrift shop for 3.00 with the idea that I would redo it  but found myself using and loving it! its just so handy
 I thought I'd share a little bit of my laundry room with you too, since it pertains to knitting, in this little corner anyway.   This is a little bulletin board that I made a few years back  and am now using it to help me remember how to take care of my hand knits.  Plus it makes me do a gauge swatch  ( a swatch of knitting that ensures you are using the correct sized needels  for your project )  it's usually a 4"X4" square.  I take that square along with the washing instructions from the skein of yarn and pin it to the board.
 and since thier are all those symbles  that I don't understand I printed out a little cheat sheet from a site like this one.
What have you been doing this winter?
Are you knitting ?

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