Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finding Summer

Thought I'd share one of our projects from last summer ... since I'm missing it so much! this is what we started with, its the space in front of and under our three season porch its always been an eyesore stuff just piled there because its a good storage space but it looked like Hell!
I came up with a plan ... complete with a drawing for hubby and we went to work. This part was my job. I spent a week making a path by digging up and seperating 30 years worth of rock and dirt to make a path that I we could line with plants and lighting .

Hubby made some removable panels according to my drawings and then I painted them and he hung them up

and there you have it and I love love love it its clean and pretty and I can wait to see how the Hosta's ( the plants that line the path ) do this summer when they fill out a bit more. oh and I should have taken a picture at night when the light's are on.

yup I'm ready for summer !


davidpicka said...

What an awesome fix to the eyesore storage area! I bet you are thrilled with the results! Looks great! said...

Wow! What an amazing transformation! I really love your creativity.