Sunday, February 21, 2010

Too Inspired.

Between the things that I want to do and the things that I have to do Im overwhelmed! really Im a very easily inspired person so while I love all the great blogs and great info that I can get from my computer I can get myself in a bit of trouble thus my list of want to's and have to's that I would like to get done within the next week

A Sweater that Im almost finished with Another Sweater that Im almost finished with
A Hat I want to make for my nephew for his Bday

Slippers for me

A top that I have been wanting to make for about 2 months now

A KAL that I just started this week

and for the Have to's
listings on Etsy Knitting bags

Chair to slipcover for The HOg Shed

Cushions for Clients

Bar stool slipcovers for Clients.

Pillows to finish up

and Finally Tax STUFF yuck!!
and for these reasons I will not be on the computer this next week as I do not need any more inspiration or distractions.. NO computer for a week ? This is going to be interesting
we will see how much I get done.

enjoy your week

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