Thursday, February 4, 2010


yup I'm getting side tracked with new knitting projects... you know, that will happen when you start looking around on all these great blogs not to mention Ravelry. I really want to get my Christmas sweater done in time for Valentines Day but its getting a little boring same stitch over and over and over ..... well you get my point. while looking around on line I looked up some video's on doing some Fare Isle knitting technique's ( it fascinates me) and I found a video on carring a second color up the side of your work thus, the scarf ~ it was fun and so easy ~ no tying on and weaving all those end's

Then I found a pattern for a Hat that I must make for my brother using the Fair Isle method so I cast on for that one too. so far so good but I'm having to modify it a bit cause he's a big boy now. like 45!

Have a good one

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