Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Coffie Cup Cozy

I've been having such a fun time gifting these little babies this year. I love how quick they knit up and the best part ... no cable needle required.
and I'm happy to share it with you ( you still have time to make lots of these little cuties )
yarn~worsted weight
Amount~ not really sure I've just been using my left overs
needles set of 4 2.75 or 3 needles
CO 48 stitches divide between 3 needles. 16 on each
Join for working in the round
Round 1~ knit 2 purl 2
Round 2~ knit 2 purl 2
Round 3~ knit 2 purl 2
Round 4~ knit 2 together then before you slip the stitch off the needle come back and knit between the two stitches you knit together, purl 2 repeat to end.
Repeat these 4 rows til desired length BO in pattern weave ends and gift to your self or loved one(s)!

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