Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just for practice... Lately I've been wanting to put together Clothing needing a new robe I looked threw my very small stack of patterns and fond one for a robe and one for some very simple drawstring pants. not really wanting to spend money on fabric I looked threw what I had for fabric humm... light weight and pretty I found an old linen table cloth that I purchased at
a garage sale a while ago ... a robe and pj pants were born I had made this robe before and it was huge so I was working on adjusting the pattern so that it wouldn't fit me like one of those "snuggie" things I cut the pattern down and pleated the front and back. fits better than the first one I made but still not super happy with it

I also finished my first KAL ( knit a Long) that I found at kris knits blog
have a great weekend

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Anonymous said...

All VERY nice. Love the pattern work in your (Knit Along). And your jp's and robe are pretty and look comfy!